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Barbara is an anxiety and panic consultant as well as a spiritual advisor. This means that she suggests, educates, motivates and inspires people to get well. She does not tell people what to do. She does not provide therapy. She is not a doctor. Her suggestions or advice is general and does not substitute for consulting in person with a medical or mental health practitioner. Barbara takes no responsibility for the consequences of any action you might take based on reading her column. The source of her replies comes from: (1) Barbara's nine and a half years of personal research of fear, anxiety and panic which include her experience of suffering the symptoms, feelings and agony of severe anxiety and panic on a daily basis, (2) reading hundreds of books on the topics of fear, anxiety, panic, agoraphobia and self love, and listening to hundreds of audio tapes on the same topics, (3) experiencing recovery for the last 20 years, (4) Barbara's knowledge and experience gained from clients in her private practice, (5) experiential exercises that Barbara developed through trial and error on herself while getting well, and (6) consulting with experts in the field of agoraphobia, anxiety and panic disorder, as well as consulting documented information regarding the illness.


Who is Barbara?
Barbara was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1946. She moved to Phoenix, Arizona when she was 21 years old. She has three children from her first marriage and two step-children from her second marriage. She has been married for 13 years to her second husband and remains happily married.

What is Barbara's technical background?
Prior to her current work, Barbara was a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor for twelve years. She attended several community colleges, the University of Houston, and St. Mary’s University in San Antonio to acquire the education needed to become licensed. Barbara considers herself lucky to have had experience in several fields of work. She started out being a secretary, then sold real estate for several years, became licensed as a Chemical Dependency Counselor, and now is an Anxiety & Panic Consultant as well as a Spiritual Advisor to Individuals and Organizations. Barbara moved to the Northern Virginia area in 1996, focusing more on helping individuals to enhance, develop, or enlarge their spiritual life, or help people to begin to become aware of how much healing takes place on a spiritual basis. Barbara has now relocated back to San Antonio.

Does Barbara consider herself completely recovered?
Yes. Barbara says an emphatic "Yes" because she goes wherever she wants to go and does whatever she wants to do. She does not allow fear to stop her from doing anything she wishes to do.

Does Barbara get money for providing Dear Barbara?
No. Barbara donates her time to the cause, control, and cure of nervous illness.


Copyright 1998