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Barbara Casagrande’s expertise with nervous illness, anxiety, panic attacks and agoraphobia comes from her own personal journey of the illness for nine and a half years. She has been in recovery for twenty years. Before that, fear was her constant companion. She became terrified of her own thoughts and feelings.

After seeking help from many doctors, ministers, priests, nuns, social workers, psychic healers and spiritual healers, Barbara still could not get well. She felt desperate.

One day Barbara became aware that nobody could make her well. She tearfully and fearfully realized that she had to help herself. ACTION, that was it...THAT was the missing ingredient.

Barbara began by educating herself. She read over two hundred books on the topics of fear, anxiety, panic, agoraphobia and surprisingly, on Self-Love. She also listened to over one hundred audio tapes on the same topics. From that information, Barbara made a plan of action to help herself get well. This was very frightening for her to do. She had to force herself to follow her plan of action.

Barbara did get well and is currently an Anxiety and Panic Consultant, as well as a Spiritual Advisor and Director of Serenity Services in San Antonio, Texas. She provides individual consultations as well as group sessions, lectures, workshops and classes. The same things that Barbara did to get well are now part of an exciting video entitled, "Trapped Inside," and is also available on audio tapes. The video and audio tapes provide people with inspiration, education and motivation to get well. Hundreds of people feel better from using these tapes. Also, do not forget to order your own beautiful, powerful, Archangel Michael Bookmark/Prayer Card for only $1.95 each plus shipping and handling.

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Dear Barbara is an online, interactive forum allowing you to ask questions of Anxiety Consultant, Barbara Casagrande, a free service brought to you courtesy of the Anxiety Panic internet resource tapir.gif (941 bytes).

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Order Barbara’s wonderful video, "Trapped Inside." Many people have written to Barbara to thank her because they feel so much better after watching the video tape. It is two hours and 44 minutes of education, information, and inspiration, as well as six techniques or exercises to practice in order to feel better than ever. The secret is you must DO the exercises and you will feel better. This great program of wellness is now available on audio tapes also. The Two Video Tape Set is $69.95 plus $5 shipping and handling. Orders out of the U.S. add $20. The Five Audio Tape Set is $39.95 plus $5 shipping and handling. Orders out of the U.S. add $15.


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This comforting Prayer of Protection, and beautiful image of Archangel Michael is on a 3.5 x 4 inch, semi-gloss card. It is made to use as a bookmark or as a calming prayer in times of trouble, fear or worry. Archangel Michael is known as the Protector and Lover of all people. Order yours today! Only $1.95 plus a $.50 shipping and handling fee.

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One hour consultations are billed at the rate of $65. Half-hour sessions are available for $40 per session. Call 1-830-980-9370 to set up an appointment. Send your check, money order, or Visa or Mastercard number at least three days before your appointment.

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You can now write to Barbara and get a personal answer within seven days. The fee for this service is $100. You can write up to three full pages, that must be DOUBLE SPACED and receive personal advice and guidance from Barbara via your email address. We must receive your check or money order before we reply to your letter. You can send your Visa or MasterCard number with your email letter. Remember - NO MORE than three double-spaced pages or your letter will be returned to you. Send your email letter to Barbara at schmitzrose@aol.com. Send your check or money order to Barbara, 24216 Bear Mt., San Antonio, TX 78258.

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Barbara provides individual consultations or spiritual guidance in her office in San Antonio. If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment, call 830-980-5370.


Serenity Services
24216 Bear Mt.
San Antonio, Texas 78258




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